Vintage Breaks Pulls Aaron and Clemente in SAME 1960 Topps Baseball Pack
15 November

Vintage Breaks Pulls Aaron and Clemente in SAME 1960 Topps Baseball Pack

Vintage Breaks made history on Friday night when they pulled pack-fresh Hank Aaron AND Roberto Clemente cards from a PSA-graded, sealed, 1960 Topps baseball cello pack!  Watch the video and see one of the best card breaks of all-time.


Since 1960, this 4th Series cello pack of Topps baseball cards had remain untouched; 61 years without the cards seeing the light of day.  For just a dime, you or your parents may have picked up this cello pack of 12 cards from your local store.  A time when you'd spend your allowance to pull your favorite players out of the pack, stash your good cards in a shoebox and play flip with your doubles. The cards from teams you hated ended up in your bike spokes.  This exact pack, though, managed to avoid being opened since 1960!

So much has changed around us since this pack of cards rolled off of the assembly line at the Topps factory! There was no Fred Flintstone - we didn't meet him until the Flintstones debuted on September 30th, 1960. John F. Kennedy hadn't been elected President yet; he won the Oval Office on November 8th, 1960.  From landing on the moon (July 20th, 1960), to something we rely on daily, the Internet (April 30th, 1993), this pack of 1960 Topps baseball cards has remained sealed as the world changed around it.  On Friday night, November 12th, you helped Vintage Breaks made card breaks history when we opened this pack and introduced two legendary cards to the world for the very first time.

1960 Topps Hank Aaron

There are 572 cards in the 1960 Topps baseball pack, and just 12 cards in this cello pack that was graded by PSA as a 7.  Long odds to pull a star player out of this pack! After we randomized the list of your names, cracked open the sealed pack with the utmost care and caution, we were dreaming of pulling you a star card. Our breaker, J5, even made a bold move; he called his shot earlier in the day.  J5 believed he could pull you one of the big stars that the 4th series could hold.  Then ...he did it.  In spot 4 for James Ector, THIS HAPPENED:





😯😯😯 Card number 300, Hank Aaron, fresh from a sealed pack! Hammer staring us in the face here at just 26 years old in 1960, back when he only had 179 of his 755 career home runs.


We could barely contain ourselves in the Vintage Breaks office here in New Jersey.  Hank Aaron, pack-fresh? AMAZING.  We were riding that high all the way through the break.  Then, the impossible happened. J5 stopped the break, and called Larry Herbinaux in spot 9.  






Card number 326 for Larry is Roberto Clemente! In the year he would make his first (of 15!) all-star team, and lead the Pirates to the World Series over the Yankees, Clemente posed for this amazing 1960 Topps card.  Talk about must-see Break TV!

We checked the PSA population report and there area zero PSA 10's of either Aaron or Clemente, This Hank Aaron is a little off-center, and the Clemente won't get a 10 either, but we have our fingers crossed that both cards grade well.  At the moment, PSA has on report, without qualifiers: 

Hank Aaron:

  • PSA 10 = 0
  • PSA 9 = 9
  • PSA 8 = 199
  • PSA 7 = 444
  • PSA 6 = 676
  • PSA 5 = 668
  • PSA 4 = 682
  • PSA 3 = 296
  • PSA 2 = 119
  • PSA 1 = 41 

Roberto Clemente:

  • PSA 10 = 0
  • PSA 9 = 49
  • PSA 8 = 593
  • PSA 7 = 1,131
  • PSA 6 =  1,264
  • PSA 5 = 918
  • PSA 4 = 725
  • PSA 3 = 311
  • PSA 2 = 128
  • PSA 1 = 40

HUGE congratulations goes out to not just James and Larry but everyone in the break.  If you were in the break with us, you're taking home a gorgeous card that is over 60 years old and has never been touched until this pack break!  You'll be the first and original owner of a card that was created before - get this - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was a Christmas Special (December 6th, 1964)! 

Here is the full video of the entire pack break to see the other cards we pulled.


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Pulling a Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente from a 1960 Topps pack reminds us of when we were fortunate enough to pull you a pack-fresh Mickey Mantle out of a sealed 1955 Bowman pack!  You can read about the incredible break done live at the National Card Show in 2018 HERE.


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